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Social and Relationship Evaluations

Educational settings—the cafeteria, the playground, classrooms, and hallways—present multiple social skills requirements that may overwhelm the student with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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Autism Social Skills Profile (ASSP)

The Autism Social Skills Profile (ASSP; Bellini, 2006) assists in identifying social skills deficits and measuring progress following intervention.


Profile of Social Difficulty (POSD)

The Profile of Social Difficulty (POSD; Coucouvanis, 2005) was designed to help identify gaps in skills that are necessary for successful social interaction.


Social Skills Checklist

The Social Skills Checklist (Quill, 2000) was designed for young children with autism.


Social Skills Rating System (SSRS)

The Social Skills Rating System (SSRS; Gresham & Elliot, 1990) evaluates the social behaviors of children and adolescents.