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  • Arrival Routine - Nicholas

    Arrival Routine - Nicholas

    Arrivals can be difficult, but the use of an arrival routine and visual strategies can support the transition to the classroom.

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  • Arrival Routine - Phong

    Arrival Routine - Phong

    Arrivals can be difficult, but the use of visuals and reinforcement may make this routine easier and less stressful.

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  • Choice Making During Small Group

    Choice Making During Small Group

    Norma uses wait time and prompting to support a student who is learning to verbally make choices.

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  • Choice Making During Snack - Charlie

    Choice Making During Snack - Charlie

    Teachers work to problem solve a student's behavior during snack time by making changes to his visual choice board.

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  • Choice Making During Snack - Dre

    Choice Making During Snack - Dre

    Marissa uses a variety of prompts to teach Dre to make a choice between two snack items.

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  • Choice Making During Snack - Marissa

    Choice Making During Snack - Marissa

    Marissa learns that pointing means making a choice.

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  • Choice Making During Snack - Phong

    Choice Making During Snack - Phong

    Phong successfully learns the link between pointing at an object and signifying choice.

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  • Honoring Student Preferences

    Honoring Student Preferences

    Don't force a a reluctant student to "join the rest" if he is more comfortable watching the group and following along, especially if he can show that he is learning the content.

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  • Identifying Student Preferences

    Identifying Student Preferences

    Developing a like/dislike list for each student could be a boon to teaching strategies and support positive behavior change and maintenance.

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  • Individualizing a Student's Schedule

    Individualizing a Student's Schedule

    Shawn demonstrates a need for a different schedule and his teachers appropriately respond.

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  • Measuring Student Progress

    Measuring Student Progress

    Student progress is sometimes measured in small increments. Marissa shares how a student's "win" makes her day.

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  • Offering a Replacement

    Offering a Replacement

    Priscilla recognizes her student's sensory motor needs and offers him an appropriate, alternative item to chew.

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  • Problem Solving

    Problem Solving

    Marissa shares her experiences with others, if a strategy or intervention doesn't work today, try something else tomorrow. Keep at it.

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  • Recording Student Progress

    Recording Student Progress

    ​Marissa talks about collecting data using information from the student's entire educational team.

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  • Teaching Language

    Teaching Language

    Michelle teaches the language for a small group activity through the use of a peer model, teacher modeling, and visual supports.

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  • Teaching Priorities

    Teaching Priorities

    ​Marissa talks about how a three-week professional development opportunities has changed her professional practice.

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  • Transitioning Outside

    Transitioning Outside

    Staff teaches students how to use the picture schedule system to transition outside.

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