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In response to a need for autism training, we have created the online courses detailed below. We intend these for the following audience: administrators, community members, paraeducators, parents, students, support staff, teachers, and any others interested in autism.

These courses are hosted in ESC Region 13's E-Campus system. There is no fee to take these online courses, but you must register.

  • Account Setup and Course Registration are found at this site:
  • A listing of the courses appears below. If you are using the ESC Region 13 catalog to find these courses, follow these directions: Click the "Browse the Catalog" button. In the Categories box, click on Autism. Press the Search button. Look for courses marked with "WBT" in the "Type" Column.
  • I have registered for the course, but how do I access the course content? Take a look at this document: Accessing the Course Content.



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