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Work Personality Profile and Computer Report (WPP)

The Work Personality Profile and Computer Report (WPP; Bolton & Neath, 2008) is a vocational rehabilitation tool for identifying an individual’s interests and strengths.


The WPP is a standardized observer-rating assessment used to generate information that assists in identifying and obtaining a job that correlates with an individual’s interests and strengths. The WPP has been used with a variety of populations, including adolescents and adults with significant disabilities.

The WPP includes two forms: the Professional Form and the Self-Report Form (WPP-SR). Both have 58 items designed to assess work behaviors that are pertinent to achieving and maintaining employment. The Professional Form is completed by a professional who knows the examinee well enough to respond to statements about his or her job-related behavior. The results are computer-scored. The program matches the individual to 18 different entry-level positions based on the WPP assessment.

The WPP-SR consists of 58 items, completed by the respondent when appropriate, using a standard four-point scale. The results are reported on a profile form that includes 11 primary work behavior scales and five secondary factor scales. The Computer Report identifies jobs that require work behaviors similar to those demonstrated by the respondent. All of the jobs identified by the Computer Report are commonly used for supported employment placements. The job match potentials range from “excellent” to “fair” based on the comparison of the client’s responses with the 11 primary scales and the work requirements for each job. Mismatch areas are identified on a range between “good” and “fair” potential match. Interventions, with description of the intervention, are recommended to mediate the deficit areas.

In addition, the Computer Report provides the option of comparing the work behaviors of an individual with the requirements of a unique job. The specific job must be rated by the evaluator on the 58 WPP items. The WPP Report also identifies areas of mismatch with the specific job.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Work Personality Profile (WPP), Bolton & Neath, 2008. 16-Adult

Individual or a professional completes a 58-item assessment, which is computer scored.

5-10 min. (individual)

Consists of 58 items using a 4-point scale. The results are rated on 11 primary scales which include: acceptance of work role; ability to from correction; work persistence, work tolerance; amount of supervision required; extent trainee seeks help form supervisor; degree of comfort or anxiety with supervisor; appropriateness of relations with supervisor; teamwork; ability to socialize with coworkers; communication skills.

The secondary skills include the following: task orientation; social skills; work motivation; work conformance; and, personal presentation.

The results from the self-report and the professional report are compared. Potential “strengths” and “problems” are identified. Characteristics that are considered a “match” and “mismatch” are identified.


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