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Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – Third Edition (WIAT-III)

The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – Third Edition (WIAT-III; Wechsler, 2009) is a nationally standardized, comprehensive, individually administered test for assessing the achievement of children, adolescents, college students, and adults ages 4 through 50.


The WIAT-III retained the basic content domains of the WIAT-II (i.e., listening, speaking, reading, writing, and mathematics) but made improvements to make administration easier and shorten the administration time. Another goal of the revision was to increase consistency with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA). The WIAT-III can be used to comprehensively assess a broad range of academic skills or to test only in the area of need. Scores are provided as age- or grade-based standard scores, percentiles, grade and age equivalencies and stanines.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – Third Edition (WIAT-III) Wechsler (2009) 4-50

Paper-and-pencil or online administration.

Individually administered, norm-referenced measure of academic achievement; Seven Composite Scores, 16 subtests. Subtests may be given individually. Includes error analysis with scoring

Yields standard scores, percentiles, age/grade equivalents, percentile ranks, stanines, and NCEs.

Web-based and manual scoring available.

35-104 min.

Composite Scores: Oral Language, Total Reading, Basic Reading, Reading Comprehension and Fluency, Written Expression, Mathematics, Math Fluency

Subtest Scores: Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression, Word Reading Pseudoword Decoding, Reading Comprehension, Oral Reading Fluency, Alphabet Writing Fluency, Spelling, Sentence Completion, Essay Composition, Math Problem Solving, Numerical Operations, Math Fluency – Addition, Math Fluency – Subtraction, Math Fluency – Multiplication

Availability: Pearson,

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