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VOC-TIES & Career Development Plan

The Vocational Training Interest & Exploration Survey and Career Development Plan (VOC-TIES) (Scott & Gilbreath, 2012) is an individually or group-administered computer assessment designed to measure an individual’s interest in career/technical pathways.


The VOC-TIES is a reading-free multimedia career transition assessment program designed for eighth- and ninth- graders. Sixteen vocational training programs (agriculture, automotive, business and office, construction, cosmetology, drafting, family, food, graphic communications, health, hospitality, marketing, mechanical and electrical, metals, public safety, and technology) are described, along with training requirements, work characteristics, and job descriptions. Students indicate their level of interest in each area. The results are reported in the form of an individualized career development plan that is generated in IEP format.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
VOC-TIES Scott & Gilbreath (2012) 14-17

Individually or group- administered on computer; designed to measure career/technical interest in eighth- and ninth-grade students and at-risk students;

16 vocational training programs are described, including training requirements, work characteristics and job descriptions

Yields a career development plan in IEP format
45 min.

16 vocational training interest areas: Agriculture, Automotive, Business and Office, Construction, Cosmetology, Drafting, Family, Foods, Graphic Communications, Health, Hospitality, Marketing, Mechanical and Electrical, Metals, Public Safety, Technology

Availability: Piney Mountain Press, Inc.,

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