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The Test of Pragmatic Language – Second Edition (TOPL-2)

The Test of Pragmatic Language – Second Edition (TOPL-2: Phelps-Terasaki & Phelps-Gunn, 1992) examines social communication in individuals aged 6 through 18 years, 11 months.


The test takes into consideration the following components of pragmatics: audience, topic, purpose, visual- gestural cues, and abstractions. This individually administered instrument is used to identify pragmatic language deficits, determine individual strengths and weaknesses, and document progress.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Test of Pragmatic Language- Second Edition (TOPL-2) Phelps-Terasaki, & Phelps-Gunn (2007) 6;0–8;11 (in years; months)

Individually administered, norm-referenced assessment of pragmatic language used to evaluate social language skills; designed to be used with a complete battery of tests

Yields percentile ranks, quotient, age-equivalent scores

One examiner record form

45-60 min.

Physical Setting, Audience, Topic, Purpose (Speech Acts), Visual-Gestural Cues, Abstraction

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