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The Test of Handwriting Skills – Revised (THS-R)

The Test of Handwriting Skills – Revised (THS-R; Milone, 2007) is a standardized, clinician-administered assessment of manuscript and cursive handwriting used with students ages 5 to 18 years.


The THS-R takes approximately 25 minutes to administer and score, and may be individually or group administered. It consists of eight tasks that measure how a student writes upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, words, and sentences. These items are written in one of the following ways: from memory, by copying, or from dictation. The test also measures speed of writing, letter reversal, and case substitutions. It can be used with the Zaner-Bloser, Palmer, or D’Nealian styles.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Test of Handwriting Skills – Revised (THS-R) Milone (2007) 5-18

Norm-referenced; clinician-administered

Student writes letters, words, sentences, and numbers, spontaneously, from dictation, or by copying

25 min.

Write from Memory, Uppercase Alphabet in Order; Write from Memory, Lowercase Alphabet in Order; Dictation, Uppercase Letters Out of Order; Dictation, Lowercase Letters Out of Order; Dictation, Single Numbers Out of Order; Copy Selected Uppercase Letters; Copy Selected Lowercase Letters; Copy Words; Copy Sentences; Write Words from Dictation

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