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Test of Early Written Language – Third Edition (TEWL-3)

The Test of Early Written Language – Third Edition (TEWL-3; Hresko, Herron, Peak, & Hicks, 2012) evaluates writing skills in children ages 4 to 12.


TEWL-3 measures written expression in children, assessing both mechanics and content, and comprises two subtests: the Basic Writing Subtest (used to assess the understanding of language and use of writing tools) and the Contextual Writing Subtest (used to measure the ability to construct a story when provided with a picture prompt). An Overall Writing Index can be derived when using both subtests, which allows for a complex understanding of the child’s writing abilities. Scores are reported in standard scores, percentiles, and age and grade equivalents. TEWL-3 includes two equivalent forms for the purpose of monitoring improvement.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Test of Early Written Language –Third Edition (TEWL-3) Hresko, Herron, Peak, & Hicks (2012) 4-12

Individually administered, norm-referenced measure of writing skills in young children. Two forms; each has Basic Writing and Contextual Writing subtests.

Yields age and grade equivalents, normal curve equivalents (NCE), plus index scores for basic writing, contextual writing, and overall writing.
30–50 min.

Overall Writing, Basic Writing, Contextual Writing

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