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Skills Assessment Module (SAM)

The Skills Assessment Module (SAM; Rosinek, 1985) is designed to assess a student’s affective, cognitive, and manipulative strengths and weaknesses in relation to vocational skills required in various training programs within a school system.


Initial sections outline procedures and techniques (including paper-and-pencil tests, hands-on skill modules, and work behavior rating) and administrative guidelines for SAM. Twelve hands-on modules are then explained in terms of purpose, materials, activity, verbal cue, interpretation, and scoring. These modules include the following: mail sort; alphabetizing; Etch-A-Sketch™ maze; payroll computation; patient information memo; small parts; ruler reading; pipe assembly; O-rings; block design; color sort; and circuit boards. Additional information in the manual includes test interpretation guidelines, technical information, reporting forms, and an instrument to measure learning styles.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Skills Assessment Module (SAM) Rosinek (1985) 14-18

Individually administered, criterion-referenced measure for students in vocational training programs; 12 skills modules, all timed except Color Sort.

Three paper-and-pencil tests; may also be used to rate affective work behaviors; vocational matrix provides comparison of strengths and weaknesses for 24 traits needed in vocational training
90-150 min.

Comparison of strengths and weaknesses for 24 traits; 13 modules (digital discrimination, clerical verbal, motor coordination, clerical numerical, following written directions, finger dexterity, aiming, reading a ruler [measurement], manual dexterity, form perception, spatial perception, color discrimination, following diagrammed instructions) combine to provide a vocational matrix that allows student performance to be compared to the instructor’s rankings of traits necessary in that area

Availability: Piney Mountain Press, Inc.,

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