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Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory – Second Edition (RFVII-2)

The Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory – Second Edition (RFVII-2; Becker, 2000) is an individualized, norm-referenced measure of vocational interests presented in a reading-free format.


It is designed for use with individuals with special needs, is untimed, can be used with students ages 13 and older, and may be administered individually or in a group situation. Examinees view a series of picture triads of individuals involved in a variety of work-related activities and are instructed to select (circle) the picture of the activity that most interests them of the three pictured. Scores are obtained by interest shown in each of 11 areas, and five cluster scores are derived from the combination of two or more interest areas. A separate, related document, the Occupational Title Lists-Second Edition, provides descriptive information on the interest areas and jobs corresponding to each.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Reading- Free Vocational Interest Inventory- Second Edition (RFVII-2) Becker (2000) 13-Adult

Individually or group administered, norm-referenced test of vocational interests; paper-and-pencil test; uses pictures of individuals engaged in different occupations to measure the vocational likes and dislikes

Yields t-scores, percentiles, and descriptive ratings
20 min. for groups; self-administered; no specific time limits for individuals

Interest scores (11 areas) and five cluster scores that indicate vocational likes and dislikes (automotive, building trades, clerical, animal care, food service, patient care, horticulture, housekeeping, personal service, laundry service, materials handling)

Availability: Pearson,

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