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Preschool Language Scale-5 (PLS-5)

The Preschool Language Scale-5 (PLS-5; Zimmerman, Steiner, & Pond, 2011) is an individually administered instrument that assesses developmental language skills in children from birth to 7 years, 11 months.


The PLS-5 provides standard scores, growth scores, language age equivalents, and percentile rank scores. The instrument includes manipulatives for use in test administration. The areas assessed are Attention (attention to environment and attention to people); Play; Gesture; Vocal Development; Social Communication; Semantics (vocabulary, qualitative concepts, quantitative concepts, spatial concepts, time/sequence concepts); Language Structure (morphology, syntax); Integrative Language Skills; and Emergent Literacy Skills. The PLS-5 includes a Home Communication Questionnaire.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Preschool Language Scale-5 (PLS-5) Zimmerman, Steiner, & Pond (2011) Birth - 7;11 (in years; months)

Individually administered, norm-referenced assessment of developmental language skills

Yields standard scores, percentile ranks, growth scores, and language age equivalents

45-60 min.

Attention to Environment, Attention to People, Play, Vocal Development, Gesture, Social Communication, Vocabulary, Qualitative Concepts, Quantitative Concepts, Spatial Concepts, Time/Sequence Concepts, Morphology, Syntax, Integrative Language Skills, Phonological Awareness

Availability: Pearson,

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