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Oral and Written Language Scales – Second Edition (OWLS-II)

The Oral and Written Language Scales – Second Edition (OWLS-II: Carrow-Woolfolk, 2011) offers an integrated, global approach to language assessment.


The four OWLS-II scales—Listening Comprehension (LO), Oral Expression (OE), Reading Comprehension (RC), and Written Expression (WE)—provide a complete, accurate, and useful picture of language skills. Each of the four scales assesses four linguistic structures: Lexical/Semantic, Syntactic, Pragmatic, and Supralinguistic. Together, the LC and OC Scales assess receptive and expressive language, and neither scale requires reading. Written language is assessed using the RC and WE scales. The RC Scale measures aspects of written language and is uniquely effective in identifying language factors that may impair or facilitate reading comprehension. The WE Scale measures expressive aspects of written language.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Oral and Written Language Scales–Second Edition (OWLS-II) Reading Comprehension (RC) and Written Expression (WE) Tests Carrow-Woolfolk (2011) 3–21 (LC/OE); 5–21 (RC/WE)

Individually administered, paper and pencil.

Software or manual scoring. The optional computer scoring program converts raw scores to scale scores, compares scale scores, calculates composites, and generates a graphic score profile. Item analysis and detailed narrative interpretation are included.

LC: 10–20 min. OE: 10–30 min. RC: 10–30 min. WE: 15–30 min.

Listening Comprehension; Oral Expression; Reading Comprehension, and Written Expression.

Availability: AGS/Pearson,

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