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Gray Oral Reading Test – Fifth Edition (GORT-5)

The Gray Oral Reading Test – Fifth Edition (GORT-5; Wiederholt & Bryant, 2012) is an individually administered, norm-referenced assessment used to measure oral reading fluency and comprehension.


It yields an Oral Reading Index composite score. Additionally, it includes a system for performing an analysis of reading errors or miscues. As an aid in the diagnosis of oral reading difficulties, it is intended for children aged 6-0 to 23-11.

The GORT-5 was designed to (a) help identify students significantly below the appropriate level in oral reading ability and those who may benefit from interventions; (b) aid in identifying a student’s strengths and weaknesses; (c) document reading progress as a result of specific reading interventions; (d) serve as a research tool in measuring the reading abilities of school-aged children; and (e) help to diagnose reading disabilities.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Gray Oral Reading Test– Fifth Edition (GORT-5) Wiederholt & Bryant (2012) 6-23

Individually administered, norm-referenced measure of reading rate, accuracy, fluency, comprehension, and Oral Reading Index. Yields standard scores, percentiles, and age and grade equivalents. Has two equivalent forms.

20-30 min.

Rate, Accuracy, Fluency Comprehension, Oral Reading Index

Availability: Pro-Ed,

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