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Functional Assessment Interview Form (FAI)

The Functional Assessment Interview Form (FAI; O’Neill et al., 1997) is a structured interview designed to gather information about a behavior and the circumstances under which it occurs.


The interview consists of 11 sections that help caregivers/teachers describe the behavior, identify antecedents and consequences, and identify medical conditions. The interview also inquires about an individual’s communication skills, successful and unsuccessful teaching strategies and activities; effective reinforcers, interventions previously attempted, and developed hypotheses.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Functional Assessment Interview Form (FAI) O’Neill et al. (1997) N/A

Interview with caregiver or teacher, which results in a hypothesis regarding behavior

45-90 min.


Availability: In O’Neill et al. Functional assessment and programming developed for problem behavior: A practical handbook. Cengage Learning,


Author (yr) Sample Size Topic(s) Addressed Outcome
Reese, Richman, Zarcone, & Zarcone (2003) 100 - Age Range: 0.5-5 (years) Validity


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