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Developmental Profile – Third Edition (DP-3)

The Developmental Profile – Third Edition (DP-3; Alpern, Boll, & Shearer, 2007) is a norm-referenced developmental screening instrument that uses a structured parent interview to determine the child’s present level of functioning. It can be administered either as an interview or provided as a Parent/Caregiver Checklist when a direct interview is not feasible.


The DP-3 inventories 180 skills and is designed to assess a child’s development on five scales: Physical, Adaptive Behavior, Social-Emotional, Cognitive, and Communication. A General Development Score may also be obtained based on performance on all five scales. It is particularly useful for children with severe disabilities who may not respond to formal evaluation procedures and measures. With the DP-3 (Third Edition), the expanded age range extends from birth through 12 years, 11 months. Newly standardized data allow conversion of raw scores into standard scores, percentiles, stanine scores, age equivalent scores, and descriptive ranges.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Developmental Profile –Third Edition (DP-3) Alpren, Boll, & Shearer (2007) Birth–12;11

Norm-based rating scale-structured interview with parent/caregiver.

Checklist option available when an in-person parent/caregiver interview is not possible

20–40 min.

General developmental score; standard scores for Physical Scale, Adaptive Behavior Scale, Social-Emotional Scale, Cognitive Scale, Communication Scale

Availability: Western Psychological Services,

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