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Developmental Behaviour Checklist – Early Screen (DBC-ES)

The Developmental Behaviour Checklist – Early Screen (DBC-ES; Gray & Tonge, 2005)


The Developmental Behaviour Checklist – Early Screen (DBC-ES; Gray & Tonge, 2005) is an autism screening instrument derived from the Developmental Behaviour Checklist Parent/Primary Caregiver Report (DBC-P). The DBC-ES comprises 17 items from the original checklist and is intended for children 18 to 48 months.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
Developmental Checklist – Early Screen (DBC-ES) Gray, K.M., & Tonge, B.J. (2005) 1.5-4

The DBC-ES is a subset of items derived from the DBC-P (Developmental Checklist– Parent/Primary Caregiver Report)

Yields cutoff score

5-10 min.


Availability: Monash University,


Author (yr) Sample Size Topic(s) Addressed Outcome
Gray, Tonge, Sweeney, & Einfeld, S. (2008) 207 - Age Range: 20-51 months Reliability Validity Internal consistency Inter-rater reliability Sensitivity and specificity

Inter-rater reliability: between parents (interclass correlation of 0.772 p<0.01)

Validity: Total score correlated with ADI-R Social domain (r = 0.47, p <0.01), Verbal Communication domain (r = 0.36, p<0.01), Non-verbal Communication domain (r=0.37, p<0.01), and Restricted and Repetitive domain (r= 0.53, p<0.01)

Internal consistency: Cronbach’s =0.87 Inter-rater reliability: r=0.772 (p<0.01)

Sensitivity and specificity: Using cut-off score of > 11 sensitivity = 0.83 (95% CI: 0.76-0.89) and specificity of 0.48 (95% CI: 0.35-0.60)

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