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Career Occupational Preference System 3C (COPS 3C)

The Career Occupational Preference System (COPSystem) (Knapp & Knapp-Lee., 2015) is a complete career guidance assessment program designed for institutions that need an efficient and convenient assessment platform.


The COPS 3C is an online customized assessment program and is one component of three web-based assessments: the COPS Interest Inventory, the CAPS ability battery, and the COPES work values survey. The COPS 3C is available for job seekers and for organizational use, and can be used as a career guidance program. The respondent may take the assessments together or separately. The summary section of the profile will help the client focus on career areas to which they are best suited. The results and individual profiles are available through the web-based interface. COPS 3C is available in both Spanish and English.


Author (yr) Age Range (yrs) Method of Administration/Format Approx. Time to Administer Subscales
COPS-3C, (Knapp-Knapp-Lee, 2015) Grade 7 through adult

Individually or group- administered

​10–20 min., online; 30–40 min., paper/pencil

Science; Technology; Outdoor; Business; Communication; Art;


Availability: EdITS,

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